Dalian deputy mayor Jin Guowei goes to Songwood Island base for inspection and investigation


2022-09-16 16:26


On August 8, the deputy mayor Jin Guowei took leaders from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Housing Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Emergency Bureau to Songmu Island base to inspect and investigate Dahua Group production resumption, and went on a field inspection to the synthetic ammonia plant and Linde Dahua, etc. Mr. Ma said he had reported the work done since the reorganization and the plan to well manage the work in the second half of the year, and Leng Shengjun introduced the preparations done for the production resumption. Deputy mayor Jin Guowei highly affirmed the positive changes since Dahua's reorganization, and pointed out that supporting Dahua's mixed reform had been included in the municipal party committee's half-year work report, and requested that Dahua should go all out to ensure the success in resuming production, and that the government would firmly support Dahua's system and mechanism reform, solving properly the follow-up problems of Dahua revitalization and development as always, and required all Dahua leaders and staff to be reformists, getting rid of the disadvantages of state-owned enterprises and stimulating the internal vitality and motivation of the enterprise.