Dalian Bank president Wang Xu goes to Songmu Island Base for inspection


2022-09-16 16:28


On July 16th, Dalian Bank President Wang Xu and the delegation arrived at Songmu Island Base for inspection. President Ji Hongshuai made an explanation on the future planning of making a chemical new material industry base in Songmu Islandand and the new projects in Xizhong Island after the integration of Mingyuan and Dahua, and said that Dahua would resume production soon, which would give hope to Dahua employees, give confidence to the municipal party committee, the municipal government and financial institutions in Dahua's good future for sure. Zhang Ziqian explained to President Wang Xu the capital demand in industrial base development and new project construction, and reached a consensus on the following cooperation. President Wang Xu fully affirmed Mingyuan's strategic measures in becoming the investor in Dahua’s reorganization, and said that the relationship of banks and enterprises is as fish and water, and bank will provide relevant support concerning the vertical development in the industrial chain.