President Ji Hongshuai awarded the title of excellent socialist cause builder with Chinese characteristics


2022-09-16 16:26


On August 29, the fifth recognition meeting of the national excellent socialist cause builder with Chinese characteristics in the non-public economy was held in Beijing. Wang Yang, member of the standing committee of the Central Political Bureau and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting recognized 100 excellent socialist cause builders with Chinese characteristics in the non-public economy. They are all entrepreneurs of remarkable significance, with extensive social influence and playing a prominent demonstrative role in the development of China's non-public economy. Only 3 entrepreneurs among them are from Liaoning Province. President Ji Hongshuai has kept devoting himself to the making of a good enterprise. Over the past 21 years, he has been integrating resources, focusing on innovation, actively responding to the state’s call in constantly enhancing enterprise core competitiveness, taking the important task in the new era by promoting the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises, and leading the mutual development and transformation of upstream and downstream industries. With his outstanding contributions, he got this honor.