The group announced Dahua Group development direction for the first time and Dahua development plan became clear


2022-09-16 16:44


On the morning of April 19, the start-up meeting and the signing ceremony of Dahua Group five-year development plan were held in Mingyuan Group. The leaders of the Government of Dalian and the relevant committees and bureaus, financial institutions in Dalian, and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute participated in the start-up meeting and the signing ceremony. Dahua Group and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute signed the consultation agreement of Dahua Group five-year development plan (2020-2024) . This is the first time to announce Dahua future development direction after Mingyuan Group's reforming of Dahua Group.

Founded in 1933, Dahua Group was the largest and earliest basic chemical raw material production base and one of the basic chemical fertilizer production bases in China, known as "the cradle of China's chemical industry. In 2018, Dahua was in reforming stage. On March 5 this year, Mingyuan Group officially became the investor of Dahua Group reforming. Mingyuan Group was founded in 1998, is a comprehensive group company integrated with petrochemical production, petrochemical trade, port logistics, and information technology.

President Ji Hongshua stated that the five-year development plan of Dahua Group mainly aims to reshape Dahua, revitalize Songmu Island Park and promote the strategic development of Mingyuan Group. Fully considering the industrial dependence of Dahua's original devices, highly integrating Mingyuan Group’s existing petrochemical projects in Songmu Island Base and Xizhong Island Base, promoting high-end new chemical materials, and starting with advantageous projects such as caprolactam, it is to plan and design the new chemical material industry base, guiding and promoting the transformation of Dahua Group from the original inorganic chemical industry to the fine chemical industry with high added value. After the five-year development plan of Dahua Group is completed step by step, it will realize the all-round revitalization of Dahua Group, making Dahua Group a model benchmark of mixed ownership reform in Dalian, and an important growth point in Dalian's economic development.

Zheng Baoshan, director of the Chemical Department of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, said that the current petrochemical industry is focused on high quality development. Firstly, it is to promote the green transformation of the industry, making it safe and environment friendly. Secondly, it is to convert old energy to new energy, promoting the upgrading of the traditional industry. And thirdly, it is to be driven by technology innovation, enhancing the development by making up of the defects. Therefore, Dahua Group five-year plan should be laid out in accordance with three principles: the combination of invigorating assets and reconstruction and upgrading, the combination of enterprise survival and growth, and the combination of self-reforming and coordinated development with Mingyuan Group. In the future, on the one hand, we should speed up the re-production of Dahua major equipment, and on the other hand, we should work on Dahua Group’s industrial upgrading and transformation. The main idea is to take into consideration of the specific situation of Dahua Group, Mingyuan Group and the Dalian Songmu Island chemical park, make good use of the available chemical raw materials by Dahua Group and produce high-value-added new chemical materials and special chemicals in shortage in the domestic market, extending the industrial chain to the downstream, and making differential development.

In their speeches, Vice mayor Jin Guowei and the bank president Yao Chunhe both fully affirmed Mingyuan Group had made a good start in promoting the reorganization of Dahua Group, and pointed out that the making of Dahua development plan is to fulfill the solemn commitment made by Mingyuan Group when participating in Dahua Group reorganization, and it is a positive action showing that Mingyuan has the determination, confidence, and ability to revitalize Dahua Group, and it opens a historic new chapter for the revitalization of Dahua Group. They called on all social circles to fully support the reorganization of Dahua Group, and with joint efforts to reinvigorate Dahua Group, making Dahua a hundred-year- old brand.