Dalian Mayor Tan Chengxu goes to Jinyuan Petrochemical Company for on-site inspection and investigation.


2022-09-16 16:32


On June 3, Dalian Mayor Tan Chengxu and the delegation arrived at Jinyuan Petrochemical Company to investigate the rectification site of the central ecological environment protection inspector’s looking- back feedback, and presided over the panel dispatching meeting of Songmu Island groundwater pollution regulation. President Ji Hongshuai, the municipal and district government leaders and relevant leaders from Mingyuan group and Dahua group accompanied the investigation. The group deputy general manager Leng Shengjun made a report to Mayor Tan on the treatment of rain and sewage Pipe Network at Dahua Group Songmu Island Base and the schedule of production resume. Mayor Tan put forward specific requirements on enterprise pollution source and the task list of the groundwater pollution rectification and reform, etc. President Ji Hongshuai expressed Mayor Tan's instructions should be implemented conscientiously and the safety and environmental protection work should be put in place with full efforts.