Jinyuan Petrochemical Company smoothly completed the overhaul and gradually resumed production


2022-09-16 16:50

There are 219 shutdown maintenance items in addition to the first 73 items of the second phase project. In view of the tight time and heavy tasks, since July 10, the relevant departments proceeded orderly in the respect of shutdown plan, on-spot confirmation, raw material planning, site operation and so on.

As of August 28, Jinyuan Petrochemical Company has finished all the 397 planned overhaul items except for the replacement of coking heat preservation aluminum sheet, completed the check of 163 pressure vessels and 69 pipelines, and urgency repair had been made to three high pressure heat exchangers for the internal leakage problem found during pressure test at the beginning of operation in the refining workshop.

At present, all the production installations in Jinyuan Petrochemical Company have started operation smoothly and resumed production completely.