From January 2016, Dalian vehicles are allowed to drink gasoline and diesel of China V standard


2022-09-16 14:52

From January 1 next year, all gas stations in the city will begin to sell gasoline and diesel for vehicles of the National V standard to replace the gasoline and diesel of the National IV standard currently in use, in order to reduce the contribution rate of vehicle exhaust to air pollutants. Recently, the municipal government issued an urgent Ming telegram "Urgent Notice of the General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in This Winter and Next Spring", which requires the city to strengthen traffic pollution control to resolve the frequent occurrence of hazy weather this winter and next spring.

Motor vehicle exhaust pollution is one of the important "culprits" affecting environmental quality. At present, every gas station in the city sells gasoline and diesel for vehicles of the National IV standard. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Motor Vehicle Pollution Management Office, this standard of gasoline and diesel for vehicles produces a lot more pollutants than the National V standard oil. Based on this, the government requires that from January 1 next year, oil companies will start to provide all gas stations with gasoline and diesel of the National V standard, and stop the supply of gasoline and diesel to the National IV standard.

Some readers have questions: What if there are still some gas stations remaining after January 1 next year for the National IV standard gasoline and diesel vehicles currently on sale? The reporter learned from relevant parties that due to the suspension of the supply of gasoline and diesel of the National IV standard, each gas station will sell it in a short period of time and will not keep it for too long. The "Notice" requires to strengthen the control of yellow-label vehicles, increase the inspection of yellow-label vehicles, use the public security electronic monitoring system to impose penalties on illegal yellow-label vehicles, strengthen joint road inspections, and severely crack down on motor vehicle exhaust emissions. In 2016, the city will supply gasoline and diesel with the National V standard, and comprehensively strengthen the supervision and inspection of oil quality to ensure that the city's sales of gasoline and diesel using the National V standard. Implement road remote sensing monitoring and impose penalties on vehicles with excessive exhaust gas.