Chen Zhibiao, vice Chairman of China Energy and Chemical Geology Trade Union, goes to Songmu Island Base to investigate the trade union construction


2022-09-16 16:30


On July 10, the vice chairman Chen Zhibiao and the delegation arrived at Songmu Island base to investigate the trade union construction. Ma Shupeng made an introduction on the maintenance of staff stability, the production and living environment upgrading and the great efforts in production resumption, as well as the major problems in the process of Judicial reorganization. Leng Shengjun and Song Peijun reported respectively about the warming-heart projects on caring for the staff and the development in the integration of Dahua and Mingyuan. Vice chairman Chen Zhibiao affirmed the Group's achievements in caring for the life of the staff, and said that the difficulties of the staff and enterprises in the reorganization will be fed back to the relevant departments, and hoped to help solve the problems.