Liaoning Daily reports president Ji Hongshuai’s model deeds


2022-09-16 16:21

On Sep.9, with the title of advancing steadfastly on the road of serving the country by industrial development, Liaoning Daily made a special column report on President Ji Hongshuai’s persistence in devotion to industrial development. Liaoning Daily points out, with the enterprise’s general development direction under his control and his keen perception of the market, and the management ideas of commitment, innovation and achievement as well as the operation idea of standardization, institutionalization, systematization and perfection, President Ji Hongshuai leads Mingyuan Group to continue exploring deep in the petrochemical field and with great care and efforts to strengthen the enterprise steadily. The enterprise has been successfully listed among the top 500 of Chinese private enterprises and top 500 manufacturing enterprises and top 100 petroleum and chemical enterprises.