President Ji Hongshuai wins 2019 Digital Transformation Pioneer Award of Harvard Business Review


2022-09-16 16:16



On November 2nd,the China annual meeting of Harvard Business Review was held in Beijing. The meeting gathered together professors with world-class management ideas, Chinese leading management practitioners and authoritative scholars to discuss the domestic and international economic situation and the new tide of globalization. At this Chinese management grant meeting, the annual heavyweight list of 2019 Chinese Digital Transformation Pioneer Innovation Award was released. In the course of enterprise digital transformation promotion, President Ji Hongshuai bravely marched ahead, undertaking the responsibilities entrusted by the era, and working hard in the petrochemical industry as a pioneer with the mission and responsibilities, actively contributing to the implementation of the digital transformation. President Ji Hongshuai was honorably awarded the Innovation Pioneer Award of 2019 Chinese Digital Transformation for his outstanding contributions.