President Ji Hongshuai elected chairman of Dahua Group by unanimous vote


2022-09-16 15:51




On November 14, Dahua Group held the founding meeting of Dahua Group Incorporated Company and 2019 First Interim General Meeting of the Shareholders at the headquarters of Dahua Group. The meeting passed eight bills. 7 people were elected to the directors of the board, including Ji Hongshuai, Ma Shupeng, Zhou Danju, Jia Daqi. On the same day, at the first meeting of the first board of directors, a bill on the election of the chairman of the board was discussed and passed, and Mr. Ji Hongshuai was elected chairman of the board of Dahua Group by all votes. The meeting of the shareholders is in accordance with the development direction and strategic layout of Dahua Group. Led by Chairman Ji Hongshuai, Dahua Group will deepen the structural reform, regulate the management, and steadily carry out the five-year development plan, and fully realize transformation, survival, revitalization and development.