The party commissioner of the Group participates in the non-state party committee training demonstration course organized by the party school of the provincial party committee.

Date :

2022-09-16 10:34

On July 3, the Party School of Liaoning Provincial CPC Committee organized a three-day training demonstration course for non-state party committees in Shenyang. Dai Yue, the party commissioner, took part in the training on behalf of the group and made a speech at the conference. With the themes of remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping the mission firmly in mind and making good battle fortress at the grass-roots level, and in the form of expert lectures, group discussions and learning through visits, the training emphasized the strategic position of non-state organizations’ party construction work in building a socialist power, clarified the importance and urgency of study, and guided the work of non-state party committees at the grass-roots level. After the training, participants were also organized to visit the party construction learning positions of two non-state party committees, Brilliance BMW and Zhongchen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.