The representatives of the party members of the general branch of the group visited the graves of Dahua martyrs

Date :

2022-09-16 10:32

In order to remember Dahua martyrs, carry out the glorious tradition, and jointly revitalize Dahua, on the morning of April 3, some party members of the general branch of the Group and representatives of Dahua new employees came to Qiaoshan Cemetery together to pay a visit to the six revolutionary martyrs who died for the liberation cause of the Republic. Dahua old comrade told the glorious history of Dahua and the heroic deeds of the martyrs. They presented flowers to the martyrs and made an oath ceremony. They said it was an instructive activity, and they had a better understanding of Dahua’s history, and enhanced the sense of responsibility for the mission of making a century-year-old Dahua brand..