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The corporate culture of mingyuan group is summarized and refined in the 18 years of arduous pioneering process of mingyuan, in the practice of daily operation and management, and in the process of continuously improving the understanding of all employees. Innovation-oriented from the initial stage “ Entrepreneurial culture ” And then to a higher level. Management culture ” Evolution, the connotation and extension of the corporate culture of mingyuan group, the content and form keep pace with The Times and constantly get enrichment and improvement. Combination of knowledge and practice ” The profound meaning of...

Specifically, the current corporate culture of mingyuan group consists of the following three parts. Group vision. & ndash; Developing low-carbon petrochemical industry and leading the world in green energy; Core values. & ndash; To think, to think, to do; Business philosophy — & ndash; The pursuit of excellence, common development, sincerity to trust, and win-win cooperation.

In the past 18 years, facing the increasingly fierce market competition and the increasingly difficult business environment, mingyuan group has played an irreplaceable role in making concerted efforts for survival and development. It is precisely because of the excellent corporate culture that mingyuan group has created an excellent team of employees and created outstanding achievements that attract the attention of peers. All these show the prominent role of mingyuan group's corporate culture from the side.